Apply for Sponsorship


Do you need financial assistance? Barkat Foundation will be more than happy to offer its help! We are currently taking applications for the month of October 2018 onwards. Send us an email at and we’ll guide you through our sponsorship application process!

Step 1) Email your case to Barkat Foundation (

Step 2) Submit your written application along with the supporting documents requested.
                 - Fill your application online [click here]
                 - Fill your application by hand [click here]

Step 3) Wait for the board to accept your application.

Step 4) Schedule an in-person interview with a board member. Education funds may require two interviews.

Step 5) Wait for the board to reply back to you via email with its final decision.

Note: Please apply at least two months in advance to give us ample time to approve your case and plan a fundraiser. Submission of the requested documents does not ensure automatic approval of your case. We will be more than happy to notify you of the final decision once the case has been approved at our end. The sooner we receive the documents, the sooner we will be able to start the process. Sponsorship approval is on a case-by-case basis and may be denied at the discretion of the Barkat Foundation board members. Approved cases are notified via e-mail.