Barkat's Education Fund


Need-based grants offered to cover tuition fees of students who show intellectual promise but are restricted from achieving their academic goals due to financial constraints.

Funds spent on education sponsorships so far: Rs. 4,32,000 (USD 4,320)


Jasia, 2018



In 2018, a portion of Barkat's Yearly Education Fund was granted to Jasia, a 4th year undergraduate student majoring in Biotechnology at Kinnaird College, Lahore. Jasia is the oldest sibling of four and comes from a well-educated family based in Jhelum. Her father did his Masters in Physics and Mathematics from Jehlum and used to teach in college. Being a well-educated man himself, he dreamed to empower all his children by educating them, irrespective of what gender they had. However, a few years ago, he became completely disabled due to a relapse of poliomyelitis - making him unable to move. Due to his disability, he had to leave teaching and resort to home tuitions to support his family. However, recently, his muscular weakness has become worse to the point where his disability made it impossible for him to teach. This put the family in extremely dire financial conditions. Since the only breadwinner of the family had no means of earning anymore, Jasia, was forced to drop out of college, just a few days before her final thesis submission. But Team Barkat could not let that happen, especially when Jasia was so close to completing her goal! Barkat was able to award her this scholarship fund because of which Jasia can now complete her last semester at Kinnaird College, submit her thesis, and graduate with a  BSc. in Biotechnology as planned!

Grant: Rs. 40,000 (original amount was Rs. 48,000. Rs. 8,000 was waived by the school upon Barkat's request)

Fun Fact about Jasia: She is the first girl in her family to have left her hometown (Jhelum) to pursue education out of city.

Rutba, 2018




In 2018, a portion of Barkat's Annual Education Fund was granted to Rutba, a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in Business Administration at Lahore School of Economics. In 2008, Rutba's family was struck with one of the biggest tragedies of their lives when father suddently died of medical negligance at a medical facility in Lahore. Rutba's mother strongly faced the calamity that had struck her and her two teenaged children. While it became extremely hard for them to manage since the sole breadwinner of their family had passed away, they still tried their best to make ends meet. However, four years later, Rutba's mother suddenly passed away as well, leaving two children behind her who were forced to fend for themselves. Being an academically sharp student, Rutba managed to get herself through high-school (O and A Levels) by getting 100% scholarships. Based on her results, she enrolled at Lahore School of Economics, with a merit-based scholarship that covered 75% of the tuition. However, to pay the remaining 25% Rutba and her younger brother subletted their house and began to tutor high school students to meet their household expenses, while being full-time students. As the academic rigour became more difficult over the years, Rutba's academic performance dropped as she struggled to juggle college and work together. Because of this she lost her scholarship and  was forced to drop out of college. However, when Team Barkat came to know of this, we offered a 1-semester scholarship so that she could resume her college and continue to empower herself by pursuing a career. Barkat Foundation plans to continue funding her education, however, grants for consequent semesters are conditional upon academic performance.

Grant for 1 semester: Rs. 190,000 (payment pending, to be made in July 2018)

Fun Fact about Rutba: She believes that her best quality is her optimism that has helped her get through life after her parents' demise. 

Saira, 2017-18




In 2017 and 2018, a portion of Barkat's Annual Education Fund was granted to Saira, a 4th year medical school student at Faisalabad Medical College in Pakistan. Saira's father sold women's unstitched fabrics at a small shop, which was their sole means of income. However, in 2016, the shop burnt down in a fire accident and the family was left incomeless. While the family was trying to use their savings to keep themselves afloat, they were struggling to keep Saira in school, because of which she was almost forced to drop out in her last year of medical school. Since at Barkat Foundation, we have a whole team of doctors working with us, we understand the amount of effort it takes to become a doctor, and having to drop out in one's last year after putting all those hours studying the human body, is the worst thing that could happen to an aspiring doctor. Therefore, Barkat Foundation chose to sponsor Saira's last year at FMC so she can reach her goal of becoming a doctor and wear that white coat as she had originally dreamed of wearing! 

Grant 1 (August 2017):  Rs. 64,000 (USD 640)
Grant 2 (January 2018): Rs. 64,000 (USD 640)

Saba, 2017




In 2017, a portion of Barkat's Annual Education Fund was granted to Saira, a 4th year Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) student at Riphah International University (RIU), Lahore Campus. Saba's father, who is a blue collar worker at a bank, and a father to three, could not afford Saba's tuition so they contacted Rah-e-Mashal Organization (headed by Mishalle Hira) to help them pay for Saba's tuition so she could fulfill her dream of becoming a PT doctor. She was enrolled in the DPT program at Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU). In 2016, students enrolled at BZU's DPT program found out that their Lahore Campus was not affiliated with the main BZU campus and was a scam (Dawn News Report). Due to this reason, she was forced to shift to RIU, which came with an increase in yearly tuition, which Rah-e-Mashal was having difficulty raising. Rah-e-Mashal requested Barkat Foundation to adopt the case from them and pay Saba's tuition for her last year so that she can complete the degree despite the tuition increase. We are very happy to have collaborated with Rah-e-Mashal and helped in assisting Saba fulfill her dream and become financially stable enough to support herself in the future!

Grant for 1 year: Rs. 66,000 (USD 660)