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Every year, our friends come to volunteer with Barkat Foundation and help our team reach its goal of spreading happiness, one household at a time. Check out what they have said about working with us!





Tazeen Khalid


I am currently a undergraduate student at Kinnaird College, Lahore and majoring in Food and Nutrition. I found out about Barkat Foundation through a friend of mine 2 years ago and decided to volunteer because I had some free time.

My very first experience working with Team Barkat was tremendously enjoyable! What I noticed the most about Barkat was how it is single-handedly run and organized so well by Sabrina Aunty. She looks over everything while Aliha is studying in New York. The entire family is so cooperative and loving and so incredibly welcoming which is what makes Barkat so remarkable and amazing to work with.

I’ve learned how to work as a team through Barkat and also got to meet amazing doctors and dentists who are doing so much through this organization for the underprivileged who lack proper medical facilities and opportunities. I plan to continue working for this selfless and educational cause that Aliha started and has now become a successful reality.


Neeha Hammad


Unfortunately, even today, most people in our country are deprived of basic adequate health care facilities. Barkat Foundation is taking steps to not just provide such facilities to a larger population but to also create awareness about the importance of maintaining good health.

Through volunteering at different medical camps, I gained an opportunity to visit underprivileged areas of my city where I was assigned to collect data of incoming patients and distribute the prescribed free medicines to them at the end. Each time I handed over medicines to people who otherwise could not afford them, they showered us with infinite prayers! In those fleeting moments, I realised how my little act of service wasn’t that little for those who were benefiting from this project.

My experience here also helped me interact with a diverse group of people and made me become more aware of the conditions of people beyond my social circle, which helped me become a more empathetic citizen. Moreover, working closely with Barkat’s core team has itself been a great pleasure! From Aliha, who’s miles away but managing everything online, to the cute 6-year-old Maahin, you’ll see everyone highly dedicated to helping those around them. I hope Barkat Foundation continues to grow and succeed in its mission of spreading happiness, one household at a time!



Mobeen Farooqi


I’m currently a medical student at CMH Medical College in Lahore. I started working with Barkat Foundation in 2016, while I was doing my A-levels. Since I wanted to get a little taste of medicine before I joined medical school, I decided to volunteer with Barkat and it was one of the best decisions that I have made so far.

While working with Barkat, I did not only become aware of the health issues persisting in the low-income communities but was also able to help them become aware of their health and how they should care for themselves. One instance that comes to mind is when we went to a school, on the outskirts of Lahore, and while we were there, a 10-year-old child came to us with an open wound on his foot which he hadn’t even cleaned. I was horrified at how it could have gotten so badly infected had he not come to us! And the only reason for this negligence was that people didn’t have any resources to become aware of medical care or proper hygiene. So Team Barkat treated his wound and safely closed it up, which made me truly understand the magnitude of my social work through Barkat and how it played such a big role in helping others.

And this just wasn’t the only incident – there are countless others where we met with people who were unaware of basic things such as self-hygiene and nutrition, which we – who come from privileged families take for granted! In retrospect, working with Barkat Foundation has made me realise how much ignorance towards health persists in our society, and how there’s a lot of need to spread awareness. I loved my time with Barkat Foundation and being a part of such organization makes me feel truly happy!