Public Assistance Sponsorships

Need-based financial assistance offered to fund medical surgeries, household expenses, utility bills, wedding expenses and much more. For more updates, visit: Friends of Barkat


Household Expenses for JAVED & Saba

Karachi, PK


Mr. Javed worked as an engineer in the UAE for three years. However, in October 2016, he suffered a workplace injury which resulted in a brain hemorrhage. He was admitted as a patient at IMC Hospital in Jeddah where he remained in a coma, with his half side completely paralyzed, and his memory & brain entirely nonfunctional. His work sponsor only paid the hospital bills for the first year with no salary, so the family used their entire savings to survive their first year to pay for food, rent, children’s school fees. After the family’s work visas expired for the year, and the sponsor refused to renew them, and they were forced to move to Pakistan within two weeks. Paralyzed, Mr. Javed and his wife, Saba are now living in Karachi with their two children all by themselves since they have no family members or friends in Pakistan. Donations were collected to pay for their tickets to Pakistan. Now the patient is at Aga Khan Hospital and the whole family is in a dire financial situation with no money for medicines, food, rent, or children’s school. The patient is out of a coma, but the doctors have declared him as permanently disabled with no expected improvement in his health. Saba cannot work since she needs to tend to a paralyzed husband full time; if she’s not there, the husband and the kids are alone by themselves with no caretaker. Their expected monthly expenses are: Rs. 22,000 (USD 220) for rent and Rs.  21,000 (USD 210) for feeding a family of 4.

Funds donated so far:

  • Household Expense for May 2018: Rs. 33,000 - USD 330

  • Children's Admission Fees to Beacon Askari O' Level School: Rs. 32,000


Karachi, PK


Aftab Ahmed is an undergraduate student enrolled in the Bachelors in Computer Science program at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, PK. He started his bachelors degree in 2012 but could not complete his degree requirements due financial constraints and family problem. He initially enrolled at IBA the National Talent Hunt Program (NTHP) that had awarded him a funded need-based scholarship for his four-years of undergraduate studies. However, when he dropped out, his scholarship was cancelled. Now he wants to go back to college, and complete his degree, which is just short of 15 courses from completion. Fulfilling his withstanding course requirements will take 1.5 more years (three semesters), for which he needs funding since NTHP has refused to re-enroll him after he had dropped out.

Aftab comes from a rural background of Missenabad, in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab. His father owned a small tea shop that is their source of income. Due to old age, his parents are unable to work now, and are relying on their son to get independent and become the bread-winner for their family. Aftab's application was approved by Barkat Foundation on the basis that he will be granted a scholarship for his first semester, which he will be attending in summer 2018. Upon showing academic promise, additional scholarships will be awarded.

Funds donated so far:

  • Summer 2018: Rs. 62,000 / USD 620 (for 3 courses)

School fees for Bina's Daughters

Karachi, PK



Bina Adil lives with her husband and 3 kids in Usmania Colony, Karachi. Her husband works at a kids garment factory, where he cuts out clothes and earns a paltry wage of Rs. 2500 ($25) per week for his labour. Bina herself works from home, where she sews ladies clothes. They have two daughters who go to school. The older one is enrolled in class 8th at Quinn Grammar School, whereas the younger one goes to kindergarten at AMN School. They needed assistance to pay the school fees so they can give their daughters the basic education that they deserve. The older daughter's fee is Rs. 1500/month (USD 15) and the younger daughter's fee is Rs. 300/month (USD 3). 

Funds donated so far:

  • Older daughter (8 months): Rs. 12,000 / USD 120

  • Younger daughter (12 months): Rs. 3,600 / USD 36